Jaybird gave me wings!

May 4th, 2016

Guess what? I was chosen to try pro-runner headphones! I was not sure it was really happening to me, but indeed it was. A few days later, Jaybird had sent me their X2 Headphones. This American company has developed headphones dedicated to meet the needs of athletes, especially bikers, climbers and runners. What a perfect product for me!

Jaybird X2 – box

Delivered to my place; first impressions; the packaging and design are impressive and I feel like it’s Christmas!

After checking the settings I realized that these headphones were really simple to set up. I plugged on the ear tips, chosen from among 2 materials each with 3 sizes. I chose silicone over foam, as recommended, because they are « sweat proof “. Then, to finish, I attached the “ear controllers”. The Ear Controller ergonomics were first of a kind and the smartest design I`ve seen! In fact, as a runner with glasses, it was a perfect solution to the old problem of wrap around earphone supports getting in the way; other wireless headphones, their were covering my full ears. Really annoying and I don’t want to end with Dumbo’s ears!

Jaybird X2 – earphones

Let’s go ! It was time to try Jaybird headphones, rechargeable thanks to an usb cable. Bluetooth activation in one long click. How could you know it is on? A colorful light would come out from one of the headphones.
There we go! I started my long run, 20km, to try it in « extreme » conditions.
First impression, the sound which came out was really clear and gave me enough motivation to go for this training.
After few kilometers, I understood that I could change music or stop the music using the center button, the same one to activate bluetooth.
Kilometers after kilometers, Jaybird X2 fit perfectly to my ears even I checked on them as I was used to do with others headphones. During my 1 hour and 55 minutes, I did not replace them at all, which make them very comfortable headphones.
To sum up, if you want to enjoy music without any hassle about comfort, try Jaybird X2. I am totally in love with them!

If you want more information send me an e-mail to worldwildrunneuze@gmail.com or go and visit Jaybird website to choose your next headphones.

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