WWR project

– 1 round trip world
– 2 years
– 1 Foundation to defend
– 20 running races
– 33 countries
– 33 vidéos about “runneuzes”

I am going on a round trip world by running in all unusual places in the world : one of my biggest dream! I will also meet females runners like me to identify why are they running. I have choosen to study female athlets because they get less attention in the media as men. In fact, 90% of sport media coverage is for male athlets. I would like to put the lights on female athlets who wants to talk about Women and their sport.

More specifically, I will make videos to understand the similarities and what differentiates female runners regarding their country. Through these interviews, I will be aware about differencies between all countries to make a movie about female running.

WWR Origin

I have been running for two years now and I became crazy about it. Everything began because I have wanted to have a regular activity again. So I have suscribe to my first running race: an half-marathon. For my atheltic experience, it was really challenging: I finished it in 2 hours and 30 minutes!

Thanks to this first competition, I had a strong sense of accomplisment and was very proud of myself; that is how I have began to be crazy about running. Then, I have started to regularly run and participate to running races : 10km de l’équipe, Mud Day, Odysséa, even Paris marathon in 2014 ! After several months of practice, I finished it in 4 hours and 41 minutes!

During 2013, I have done treks that helped me to think about myself and what I really want to accomplish in my life. Does running help me to begin my inner reflexion ? Yes, I definitively do. First, running helped me to be in good shape physically and then mentally. Am I the only one who thinks about running like that and how other females runners do?

In France and in Western countries, we decide to run to perform, to stay young or to be in good shape… Regarding Asics study, one of the biggest sports equipment manufacturer, 54% of Europeans decide to begin to run to stay in good shape. Besides, 63% keep running for the same reason. Do females runneurs from Africa, Asia, Oceania or from South America think the same way? I need to discover it!

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