World Wild Runs – Summary

January 23rd, 2015

Running races Country Date
Kimbia Kenya Kenya January 30th to February 7th 2015
Kilmandjaro Marathon Tanzania March 1st 2015
Loskop South Africa April 18th 2015
Trail des Ô plateaux Madagascar May 5th 2015
Trek Népal May 14th 2015
Zendurance Marathon India July 18th 2015
Angok Empire Marathon Cambodia August 9th 2015
Vietnam Mountain Marathon Vietnam September 26th 2015
Luang Prabang Half Marathon Laos October18th 2015
 Rest Myanmar  October 19th 2015
 Rest Thaïland November 5th 2015
Penang Marathon Bridge Marathon Malaisia November 22th 2015
 Rest Philippines December 2sd 2015
Two Bays Run Australia January 11th   2016
New-Zealand April 15th 2016
Great Wall Marathon China May 15th 2016
To be planned Mongolia June 4th 2016
Rest Japan June 18th 2016
 Rest Venezuela July 7th 2016
To be planned Brazil July 22th 2016
To be planned Argentina August 22th 2016
To be planned Chile September 22th 2016
To be planned Bolivia October 12th 2016
To be planned Peru  November 1th 2016
To be planned Colombia November 16th 2016
To be planned Mexico December 1th 2016
To be planned United States  December 21th 2016
To be planned Canada January 5th 2017

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